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“Some U.S. funds waiting for earnings to buy shares of surging Chipotle”

February 4, 2019 | David Randall, Reuters

Bob Bacarella discussed Chipotle’s lofty valuation with David Randall of Reuters.: “I like to buy stocks at new highs only because management is proving the fact that they can deliver…..” Read the full story at Reuters

“Investors ask how the Bezos divorce will affect Amazon”

January 10, 2019 | David Randall, Reuters

Reuters interviews Bob Bacarella on Amazon: “‘This is such an over-owned company and this gives [some growth managers] an excuse to say ‘Maybe I’ll trim some back because it adds a new question mark’, he said. Bacarella, however, said he is not concerned because even if MacKenzie Bezos liquidated a stake that could be as high as 8 percent, there would be no fundamental reason behind the sale. Any impact would be short-term in nature.”  Read more at Reuters

“Pros and Cons to Buying Visa Stock”

January 10, 2019 | Brian O’Connell, US News Contributor

Bob Bacarella on the merits of Visa stock going into 2019: “The company is a cash generating machine with no credit risk, and continues to gain market share,” he says.  Read more at US News

“Sometimes passive is good” – Monetta featured in the Chicago Tribune’s “Retire Ahead” Newsletter

January 4, 2019 | Jeff Steele, Chicago Tribune Contributor

“Index investing is not a bet against active management,” explains Bob Bacarella, founder, president, and portfolio manager. “Instead, it is an asset allocation strategy that provides some certainty that you will match market returns on at least a portion of your portfolio.” See page 9 of the Tribune's January 2019 "Retire Ahead" 

George Grombacher Interviews Bob Bacarella

December 10, 2018 | Money Savage

In a recent interview with George Grombacher on Money Savage, Bob Bacarella discusses his investment strategy on embracing market corrections. Click here to read highlights from the interview and listen to the audio.

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