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“10 Stocks for the Next 10 Years”

November 27, 2019 | Ryan Emery, Kiplinger

A fix is in the works and it’s only “a matter of time”—Bob Bacarella on Boeing’s grounded 737 and potential future earnings. Kiplinger identifies Boeing as one of the “10 Stocks for the Next 10 Years” and Bob weighs in. Read more at Kiplinger

“3 Useful Trends to Pick the Best Stocks to Buy”

September 6, 2019 | Debbie Carlson, US News

Bob Bacarella, founder and chairman of Monetta Financial Services, uses relative strength as a primary technical analysis indicator. Relative strength measures the price trend of an individual stock to the broader market. Read more at US News

“18 Consumer Staples Stocks to Take the Edge Off Your Portfolio”

May 8, 2019 | James Brumley, Kiplinger

Monetta Financial Services founder and portfolio manager Bob Bacarella says Costco “has a number of competitive advantages such as low prices, economics of scale compared to smaller retailers, can easily adjust to changes in customer consumption patterns, has an online delivery platform, an and innovative supply chain/inventory system.” Bacarella also is impressed by the way Costco continues to increase same-store sales while other retailers are getting “Amazoned.”  Read more at Kiplinger

“Fund managers skittish over Levi’s long-term growth prospects”

March 21, 2019 | David Randall, Reuters

Bob Bacarella comments on Levi’s return to public markets in a recent Reuters article, noting concerns over the brand’s expansion plans – “If they can come out with a plan to show that they can grow market share and not be as dependent on retail stores then it becomes a lot more interesting.” Read more at Reuters

“7 Ways to Prepare Your Portfolio for a Recession”

February 15, 2019 | Debbie Carlson, US News

It’s important to “think long term”—even when a recession is on the horizon, notes Bob Bacarella in a recent US News feature. He cautions against market timing: “The time in the market, not market timing, helps people reach their financial goals. In the investment ocean, a recession is a wave that will eventually pass or that can be surfed on… it is not a reason to get out of the water.” Read more at US News

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