Kids Quarterly Newsletters

Kids Quarterly Newsletters - Q3 2019

This quarter, we’re pleased to share a refreshed format to our longstanding Kids Newsletter! Our Kids Newsletter is now titled Monetta Money Talk Family Edition.

People of all ages will find it informative and easy to read…and, don’t worry, we haven’t left out the jokes or puzzle!

  • This quarter our Featured Article is “Coronavirus vs. Rocky Balboa…and how to survive a market beating.” Just like Rocky’s comeback to win the fight, the market will come back from its beating, in our view. Historically, when things look as bruised and bloody as they do today, these tend to be good “buying” opportunities, rather than selling securities, that are now on sale, due to fear and panic.
  • This quarter’s Successful Entrepreneur feature is Elon Musk. Did you know he served as an inspiration for the “Iron Man” movie series?
  • This quarter’s Investment Lesson is about a way to think about your investment portfolio like the sun and planets that make up our solar system.

And don’t forget the Laugh Studio and this quarter’s puzzle for young investors! Complete the word search correctly and/or submit a joke of your own, and you could win a $10 Target Gift card!

Click here to view the PDF version of Monetta Money Talk Family Edition – Second Quarter 2020.

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