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by George Grombacher | Embracing Market Corrections

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Podcast: Monetta’s Bob Bacarella discusses market corrections with Money Savage host George Grombacher

December 10, 2018

In a recent interview with George Grombacher on his “Money Savage” podcast, Bob Bacarella, Founder and President of Monetta Financial Services discussed his investment strategy and views on embracing market corrections as opportunities rather than time for panic.

Of his approach to investing, Bob said people should be concentrating on the large-cap growth area, which is very defined and composed of large, established companies that people can relate to. Referencing Peter Lynch and Warren Buffet, Bob recommended focusing on what you know and buying disruptive companies that have a competitive edge.

Bob applies this approach in the Monetta Core Growth Fund, which combines both active and passive investing. When the markets plummet, the half of the fund in index serves as ballast. Typically, the disruptive growth stocks correct significantly more than the market during a pullback, creating an opportunity to buy. “We don’t shy away from the market corrections. We buy premium growth companies on sale, shifting the portfolio from the ballast,” he said.

Bob equated this strategy to flying a plane. For much of the flight, the pilot has the plane in autopilot—that’s passive investing. But for take-off, landing, and times of turbulence, the pilot needs to get involved. That’s when active management comes into play.

With regard to those times of turbulence, Bob stressed that they should be considered “sales” or opportunities to accumulate premium-growth companies while they’re selling at discount. “Don’t panic,” he said, “Most downturns in the market are temporary – over the long term, the market has an upward bias.”

Bob explained that it’s essential to maintain a long-term strategy and not attempt to time the market. “Don’t shift to defensive, because you’ll miss the advance. The average market correction is only 71 days. If you’re not in the market when the rebound starts, you’ve missed it.”

Where to begin? “The first thing everyone needs to do is start an investment account,” Bob said. Most people have less than $10,000 available to invest. So what should you do? “It’s okay to start small. Become diversified. Buy an index fund for broad market exposure and add to that base consistently.” George and Bob agree on the importance of dollar-cost averaging. Adding funds to your account on a steady basis, especially during corrections, allows investments to accumulate over the long-term.

Later in the interview, George asked Bob about his “difference-making tip.”

For Bob, it’s taking advantage of the educational component of Monetta’s funds. “We have a wealth of financial education resources, and we’ve partnered with a program called SAGE Tuition Rewards to help pay for college tuition. Through this program, one year of college tuition at over 370 schools can be earned at no cost.”

“And lastly,” Bob said, “Take advantage of market corrections!”

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