Earn guaranteed scholarships for college tuition.

Points accrue like frequent flier miles
No fees for Monetta shareholders
Automatically earn tuition discounts

Earn college tuition points with the SAGE Scholars Program

Monetta Financial Services, in conjunction with SAGE Scholars Inc. (SAGE), offers a “Tuition Rewards” Scholarship program where families can earn tuition discounts at over 450 private colleges and universities nationwide. Tuition Rewards Points (TRP) are earned annually, on the student’s birthday*, and accrue like frequent flyer miles. There are no fees or charges to Monetta shareholders who enroll and participate in the program.

  • SAGE tuition points can be used at over 450 private colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Students can earn up to one quarter of the cost of any one year’s tuition. Over four years, that could cover a full year of tuition!

  • When students apply to a SAGE school, they notify the school of the SAGE points and are awarded tuition points.

  • There is no obligation to attend a SAGE school, and nothing is lost by signing up.

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*SAGE Scholars allows only one set of Tuition Reward Birthday Points per student, regardless of the number of SAGE financial partners a sponsor/student is enrolled.
**The last day for a student to earn reward points is their 17th birthday or August 31 of the year that the student begins 12th grade, whichever is sooner.
For additional terms, conditions and a list of colleges participating the program please visit the SAGE Scholars website.

How it works

To earn SAGE tuition rewards points, simply complete a separate registration here. Anyone can register—an individual, parent or grandparent. When registering, designate one or more children as recipient of the tuition points. 1 point equals $1. Just by registering a student, 500 points are awarded.

Points accumulate automatically via SAGE’s point system:

Every birthdate ages 1-131,000 points each year
Every birthdate ages 14-172,000 points each year
Completion of profile form during the student’s junior year2,500 points

A student can accumulate up to $24,000 in tuition points!

The maximum discount a school is obligated to offset is 25% of the annual tuition cost. A student can use no more than one-quarter of the points accumulated toward an annual tuition discount. For example, assume an annual tuition cost of $20,000 and the student has accumulated 16,000 points. The maximum a student can offset in any one year is $4,000 or ¼ of the points accumulated.

Notable Universities

Does your family still have questions about Tuition Rewards? Learn more here.

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Please note: once registered into the SAGE Program, you will be sent an email from SAGE requesting a user name and password. After this has been established, you will then be able to enroll all of the children in your immediate and extended family and begin earning your Tuition Rewards!

SAGE’s Tuition Rewards program is a college savings and investment plan like no other.

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More information about enrollment deadlines can be found here.

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