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“Investors ask how the Bezos divorce will affect Amazon”

January 10, 2019 | David Randall, Reuters Reuters interviews Bob Bacarella on Amazon: “‘This is such an over-owned company and this gives [some growth managers] an excuse to say 'Maybe I'll trim some back because it adds a new question mark', he said. Bacarella, however, said he is not concerned because even if MacKenzie Bezos liquidated a stake that [...]

“Pros and Cons to Buying Visa Stock”

January 10, 2019 | Brian O’Connell, US News Contributor Bob Bacarella on the merits of Visa stock going into 2019: “The company is a cash generating machine with no credit risk, and continues to gain market share,” he says. 

December 2018 Message to Shareholders on Current Market Volatility

Dear Fellow Shareholders, During periods of heightened market volatility there is a tendency to take money out of the market to safeguard it. However, history shows that staying invested during volatile times can be beneficial in the long run. Since the S&P 500® record high in September, the equity markets have entered a correction period coupled with excessive market [...]

George Grombacher Interviews Bob Bacarella

December 10, 2018 | Money Savage In a recent interview with George Grombacher on Money Savage, Bob Bacarella discusses his investment strategy on embracing market corrections. Click here to read highlights from the interview and listen to the audio.

“Opinion: Here’s your seven-point guide for the next phase of the stock market”

November 1, 2018 | Michael Brush, MarketWatch Columnist Bob Bacarella on owning high-beta, “quality” stocks in the late stages of a bull market: “Stay with the growth companies. Stay with the winners,” he says. Click here for Performance. Performance data quoted represents past performance; past performance does not guarantee future results. The investment return and principal value of [...]

“Opinion: Don’t sell now — we’re not heading into a bear market for stocks”

October 25, 2018 | Michael Brush, MarketWatch Columnist Bob Bacarella discusses the norm of volatility in the advanced stages of a bull market with MarketWatch’s Michael Brush. Bob’s “base-case assumption” is that a recession is not at hand. “The bull market that started in 2009 is still intact,” he says. Click here for Performance. Performance data quoted [...]

Monetta Financial Services rebrands Monetta Young Investor Fund (MYIFX) as Monetta Core Growth Fund

New moniker reflects the fund’s potential suitability as a “core-plus” holding for investors of all agesWHEATON, IL.—September 6, 2018. Monetta Financial Services, Inc. (“Monetta”), adviser to the Monetta mutual funds, today announced a name change for its Monetta Young Investor Fund to the Monetta Core Growth Fund (MYIFX). The fund’s new name more directly reflects the fund’s “core plus” investment [...]

“Choose These Mutual Funds If They Are Available In Your 401(k) Plan”

August 2, 2018 | Ken Kam, Forbes.com Investing Contributor Contributor Ken Kam includes the Monetta Core Growth Fund (formerly Monetta Young Investor Fund) in a group of “17 no-load mutual funds that are still open to new investors and whose managers have been at the helm for 10 years, long enough to prove their skill. All have outperformed the [...]

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