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GameStop (GME)…a Game of Musical Chairs That’s Ending

By Robert S. Bacarella | February 25, 2021 Recently, the sleepy videogame retailer GameStop went on the ride of its life. A band of Reddit users, led by Robinhood retail investors, started a buying panic as institutional investors were forced to buy back shares that they sold short, expecting the stock price to go down. A “short position” is [...]

Is the Market Bubble Similar to Glinda’s Bubble in the Wizard of Oz?

By Robert S. Bacarella | January 5, 2021 Just like blowing up a balloon, a market bubble starts off small and gradually increases in size with the rapid escalation of stock prices. And like Glinda in her floating bubble, a market bubble draws many people to it. A market bubble involves a lot of people—with their hopes and dreams—crowded into a space that’s way too small to accommodate [...]

Monetta MoneyTalk Family Edition – First Quarter 2021

January 1, 2021 This quarter our Featured Article, “Is the Market Bubble similar to Glinda’s Bubble in the Wizard of Oz?”, explores timing of a market bubble and why we shouldn’t panic once the bubble has burst. This quarter’s Successful Entrepreneur is Kevin Plank, a high school football player who later founded Under Armour. His believes that if you [...]

Monetta Announces Limited-Time Holiday Gift Matching Program

Like the “Jelly of the Month Club” in the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, a gift that may "keep on giving”Wheaton, Ill.—Nov. 30, 2020.  Monetta Financial Services, Inc., adviser to the Monetta family of mutual funds, announced today a limited-time holiday gift matching program designed to help families.“In the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold receives the “Jelly of [...]

Monetta offering a special “Griswold Family” holiday gift promotion

By Robert Bacarella | November 23, 2020 This December, Monetta is offering a special, limited time holiday gift-matching program for families. In the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold (played by Chevy Chase) is expecting his yearly Christmas bonus, which he desperately needs to pay for a swimming pool for the coming summer. When the bonus envelope arrives, [...]

How To Invest Small Amounts of Money

By Robert Bacarella | October 16, 2020 Building wealth is similar to rolling a snowball down a mountain slope: the higher you are on the slope, the more time it has to grow. You’ll never be higher on the slope than you are right now! Here’s how to start. First: Open a checking or savings account if you don’t [...]

Monetta MoneyTalk Family Edition – Fourth Quarter 2020

October 2, 2020 This quarter our Featured Article is “You will never fail if you never give up on yourself.” Think of failure happening for you, not to you. Learn what Walt Disney, Jerry Seinfeld, Elvis Presley and Oprah Winfrey were told about failure early in their careers! This quarter’s Successful Entrepreneur is Ty Warner, whose is famous for [...]

Monetta Financial Services Launches New, Family-Friendly Website

Features Monetta MoneyTalk Family Edition newsletter, online quiz, financial games and insightful analogies on personal finance & investing topics WHEATON, IL.—September 11, 2020. Monetta Financial Services, Inc. (“Monetta”), adviser to the Monetta mutual funds, launched this month a new website at https://monetta.com that features easy-to-read insights about investing and personal finance topics presented in fun and engaging ways. “We [...]

Announcing our redesigned, family-friendly website

By Monetta Financial Services, Inc. | September 11, 2020 Welcome to our newly redesigned website! Our focus on commonsense investing and financial literacy has led us to build a site unlike many in the mutual fund industry. We are confident you'll come away having learned basic financial concepts in a fun and engaging way. Our Monetta MoneyTalk section features insights [...]

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