Journey Beyond Wealth’s Chris McCall included Monetta’s newsletter, games, and other educational materials in his list of “5 great resources to help your children learn about money and how to make smart financial decisions,” posted in Sept. 2021. Read more at Journey Beyond Wealth .

McCall titled his article “The Second Most Important Thing You Can Teach Your Children or Grandchildren” and asks some thought provoking questions about how we, as parents, grandparents, and even other elder relatives, can set up our youngsters for success:

“We all want our children and grandchildren to do well in life. The most important thing we can teach our youth is some sort of value system to help them make sense of life and orient them in the right direction. But what else? How do you spend your time with your little (or not so little) ones? You might help them with reading or math homework. You might take them fishing, work on a puzzle or craft, or play catch in the backyard. These are all great, but what if there’s something else that could change their life?”

The “something else” he alludes to is financial literacy. He explains that most of today’s youth enter the world unprepared to navigate life’s tough financial decisions due to a lack of financial education during their childhood. At Monetta, we understand the many ways young people benefit from learning about financial topics as they grow up. Youth financial literacy is a key part of our work and led us to create the “Kids Corner” where we provide the following materials:

  • Family Newsletter
  • Educational Games
  • Tuition Rewards Program
  • Money Guide for Teens
  • Short Stories

To learn more about Monetta’s financial education resources for kids, click here.


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