Like the “Jelly of the Month Club” in the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, a gift that may “keep on giving”

Wheaton, Ill.—Nov. 30, 2020.  Monetta Financial Services, Inc., adviser to the Monetta family of mutual funds, announced today a limited-time holiday gift matching program designed to help families.

“In the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold receives the “Jelly of the Month Club.” It wasn’t what Clark expected, but his cousin Eddie reminded him it’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving the whole year,” said Robert S. Bacarella, founder and co-portfolio manager at Monetta. “Like the ‘Jelly of the Month Club,’ an Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) is the kind of gift that constantly reminds you of the gift giver. Even better, an AIP may leave a legacy that will never be forgotten.”

To make it easy for families to get started, Monetta is offering:

  • An ultra-low $25 initial investment (normally $100) with establishment of an AIP ($25/month or more)*
  • A matching gift of $25, to be automatically deposited into the account*

Monetta is dedicated to commonsense investing and financial literacy. On the Monetta website, Bacarella recently wrote:

Building wealth is similar to rolling a snowball down a mountain slope: the higher you are on the slope, the more time it has to grow. You’ll never be higher on the slope than you are right now!

…The combination of starting early, adding to it regularly and thinking long-term will quickly gather momentum. But your snowball can’t get rolling if you don’t start. All you need is a few snowflakes to get started.

“This promotion reflects what Bob Bacarella has learned over a lifetime of investing,” said Kate Ransford, marketing manager at Monetta. “What matters most is getting started and keeping at it. Our objective is to make that a little easier for families seeking to give a special gift this year.”

To learn more about Monetta’s special holiday promotion, visit

*The promotional period is Dec. 1 through Dec. 31, 2020. The promotion is limited to the first 500 accounts. It applies to both Monetta mutual funds, the Monetta Core Growth Fund (MYIFX) and the Monetta Fund (MONTX). The initial-investment minimum will be reduced only when an account is opened directly with Monetta. To qualify for the promotion, an AIP must be newly opened, directly with Monetta; both new and existing shareholders may do so.

About Monetta

Monetta Financial Services, Inc. is a boutique Registered Investment Advisor founded in 1984 and headquartered in Wheaton, Ill. The firm launched the Monetta Fund in 1986 and the Monetta Core Growth Fund in 2006. Learn more at

Automatic Investment Plans do not assure a profit, nor do they protect against loss in declining markets.

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Important Information

Automatic Investment Plans do not assure a profit, nor do they protect against loss in declining markets.